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Our Decisions are a Reflection of our Priorities

I’ve read that making decisions is the hardest work our brains have to do. Choosing. Selecting. Deciding. It’s exhausting!

Sometimes, though, it is in the making of decisions that our true priorities become apparent to ourselves. Is it convenience? Frugality? Relationship? Experience? What makes us make those decisions the way that we do?

At what point do we place people above funds, common sense above dreams, means above desires, slowness above productivity, quality above quantity? Both good and bad things come from making decisions, even making the right decisions.

Sometimes we make the choice that the thing we want to do is just out of reach right now. That our responsibilities and intention of living within our means is more important. And that’s okay.

Sometimes we learn that relationships matter more than money, and that those hard earned funds are in our bank account for a reason and perhaps we should spend them to invest in something infinitely greater…loved ones.

Sometimes we have to use a little common sense to know that the frugal way isn’t always the best way. Sometimes time is as much (if not more) of a scarce resource than money. Other times, we learn that convenience isn’t always best and the hard way can be the better way.

Sometimes we learn that life is just complicated, and we do our best to live within that context. There will be no easy answer. There will be no simple course. Life is messy; people are messy. But would life be worth the living if it weren’t for all those lovely, messy people we do it with?

Sometimes we slow down in order to realize that we need to jump back into the fray with a renewed heart.

So here’s to making decisions: the good ones, the hard ones, the complex ones.

(The photo above has nothing to do with decisions, but it is cute, no?)

Our decisions are a reflection of our priorities. How are your priorities reflected in your decisions?
By BarefootMama, February 27, 2018
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