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Spring on the Homestead

Spring has arrived on our homestead, slowly but surely.

The grass is starting to green up as spring blossoms. The purple deadnettle is everywhere. The pear trees are blooming. This is when things come alive around here. We come alive too. The sun sets a little later. We savor the waning light with a few minutes on the swing, or a trip to gather eggs, or a romp through the yard when we pick rosemary to add to our dinner.

Springtime blossoms on a fig tree.

It hasn’t been a brutal winter, but all the same, the long, gray, slogging season is over and we are seeing the hope and life of a homestead once again.

As the days progress, the windows are open more. The yellow daffodils spring up from the earth. The pear trees blossom. The Jane magnolia blooms. We see growth.

And growth is what spring is all about, right?

Toddler examines a fig tree on the homestead.

We’ve lived on this little homestead for five years now, and trees we planted when we moved in are taller than me now. We are seeing our hard work come to fruition.

Toddler hand holding dandelion heads.

Spring on the homestead involves a lot of work as we till the soil, plant the first crops of the year, and spread organic fertilizer. It’s a time when we prune and plan. It’s also a time when we see results. When it all comes back to life, a little bigger and a little better than the year before.

The spring blossom of a Jane magnolia tree.
Pear blossoms in spring that will hopefully bear a lot of fruit later this year!
Collecting eggs on the homestead this spring.
Spring on the Barefoot Homestead
By BarefootMama, April 13, 2019
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